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    I would like to know if someone here can recommend on a good auto trading service? Cheers

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    Hey, welcome! We never recommend any anutotraders here because they are simple scams.
    Please read my post in this thread below. This question is already answered there!

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    I think you can search more about best auto trading service searching in Google.

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    Michael Hodges

    you can search more, but the results will all be 98% scams

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    Agree, I think the best place to find honest answers is a forum like this. Anything found on google and youtube, scam scam scam. I know from experience, no matter how good they look, no matter how awesome the real person making live trades and winning in the video is...they aint nothing but a scam with robots set to lose.

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    The others said it well - don't waste your money on scam. You'll be disappointed and you'll have to start from the beginning but you know, with less money.

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    Yes, Micheal is correct

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