Binary Options Scam by Pierre Mifsud


On the 26 th March 2015, I deposited 250 euro with this TK CORPORATION LIMITED  website which only later I learnt that this was not  licensed by CySEC.

I traded upon full verification and had never accepted any bonuses

I managed to bring this up to 500.98 euro without any robot after just two weeks.

With a standing balance of 500.98 euro, on the 10 th April 2015, I requested a withdrawal of 250 euro which was approved and the amount deposited directly into my credit card.

I also wanted to withdraw my second 250 euro as my intention was to close the account, but without any authorization, or by lack of information and not written anywhere in their terms and condition a robot was activated which managed to decimate a staggering 50 % of my profits from 250.98 to a misery of mere misery of 125.98 and now to 0 euro within 3/7 days regardless of my previous repetitive pleas to close down my account and make me recover these funds.

David Chaser phoned me and guaranteed that if I provide company with the necessary wire-transfer instructions they would swiftly transfer these funds to my bank account, in which I did, but he never confirmed this in writing to me.

To-day I received a suspicious an email from safe-option support opposite to that which he had confirmed to me on the phone, whereby they will not be in a position to wire transfer these funds for me as the stipulated amount is less than 500 euro? Was this a joke!! How can it be that they will hold this money against my will? This is pure daylight robbery, in my opinion they should provide me with the original 250 euro, the amount I had left with my last trading date which was on the 10 th April 2015!

Please tell me should I sue this company?
In my opinion these people are acting as criminals as they know it’s not their money.  I really needed these funds to pay the school transport for my child, now it is totally gone.

Pierre Mifsud


  1. I MADE DEPOST 250EURO safe-option. After 2 weeks without trade was 450. I wanted to withdraw deposit. They did not answer my emails.

  2. I have been ripped-off by who appear to be related to TradersKing. They just don’t bother to reply to withdrawal requests.The account managers won’t help you unless you keep topping up the account. This week they placed 3 large trades on the account without permission. They do have a Compliance Dept who claim to be regulated in Europe. They are definitely a scam.

    • I have a similar problem with BINARY BOOK and the request was on pending I am not sure will i get my withdrawal its easy to make money in binary trading but the brokers scam it all and make our lives very miserable
      the should be some kind of laws to be implemented
      there should be a monitoring body to act against this scams

  3. yes is 100% and criminals in daylight. I put $ 500 and
    became 1729 after 3 days without trading as advised by my account manager who made the trades. I was suspicious and asked him is this real money? he said yes – so i made a withdrawal request @ $729 but the 2nd day i found that the request had been cancelled
    .Furthermore they changed my password so i cannot login my account.Then all e-mail sent to them are not answered by any one.

    changed my pass so i cant login to my account.All buttons on the platform are not working

  4. Safe option broker are not safe to trade with,they are SCAM. They may even promise you a robot that will trade for you without you pressing a button.I think what they do is to be manipulating figures for the trader to belief he is making money but when you want to withdrawll you are turned down.BEWARE

    • This is not only a scam and daylight robbery but if any of you would back me up and we sue this company as I have so may evidences of their acts with me.

      And again what are the authorities doing and what is Binary trading if it’s not safe for web users anyone can be a victim and why are they allowing them still running????? I don’t understand **** from all this and yes there should be something big done and the authorities are quiet about it why??? And Google and yahoo etc etc what are they letting them be on web while so many cases are complaining of their scam what the **** is this we are in the 21st century this is ridiculous…

  5. Thanks for all your comments and review. I was about to deposit at least $1250 as my initial investment to Good thing I made my due diligence to google some comments first! Whew! Thanks a lot guys! $1250 is definitely a lot of money in my personal economy! :-)

  6. Yes , Safe-Option is scam. I did not do due diligence prior to handing over my $$$. I spoke to their support and they said when I reached a certain amount I could draw out my original deposit. So I wrote this into the verification papers and I overlayed on photos of id and C Card not for copy so they could not duplicate them and they were so pissed they rang me and said I could not do that and I said yes I can and they hung up. Now no reply and no answer from them. Anyone know how to put bots into their website and shut these scammers down???

  7. Same here someone from safe option called me and asked for my information saying they connected with cash camp and needed my info I give him , after having my details he asked why I’m only putting 500$ in I said because that’s the minimum and he just disconnected me. This broker needs to get sue or get something done to him. Now I’ve lost all my money. :(

  8. A 100% SCAM. I lost $750.00 USD to them. They promised to return it and now have cut off all communication. PLEASE BE SAFE as these guys should be put in JAIL. Terrible to say the least.

  9. I nust signed up to this company after watching their video presentation. Subsequently, a guy named Tom Hackerman, scary name by the way :-), phoned me and ask immediately what credit card will I used in order to fund my trading account. I sensed something wrong about the way he sounded. So I immediately turn him down and told him that I will check their website first before I make my decision to throw in my money to them.
    So having read your comments from you made me think twice. Thank you .

  10. Hey, I do not know what to do has been the victim of fraud by binary option a company called Safe Option

    I responded to an offer of auto trad came to Safe option fielded 300USD for three days, it has run out of money yes yes I there was nothing with it so good was, gave up after that I do not have experience tradin.Efter about three four days I get up dialed Skype by Michelle Alvertis she spoke that she was the manager of the trading in the company and would correct my account if I was interested I question how and what I had to guarantee that we do insurance trades for clients with slightly larger amounts, I was not so interested, she said it was not time just then I could think about it, she would come back, it took a few days so she called again jo planned for an insurance trees at the end of the week if I was interested I’d get right in but it was lined a large investment of at least 16000usd so I said that this was totally excluded for me yes but I have several small savers who want to be with, we could share a trad invested ster would again right back on our account the bank within 4 days so if I had credit cards so it was just a simple thing that I would not have a cost of we had the insurance of trade went wrong ok I agreed to this and bet 3000usd two days, she called and was really glad we had vunit trade so now the fans in my account 5580usd it was bra.Då came in Minna 3000usd to bake so she had kept the words. After the money was received, she called back and ask if everything had GAT we tängt

    yes it was good I will come back when we have the next insurance trees and your profit on 2580usd lets you stand to get the right with back but you shell Vetta it igentligen only the large investors who have this benefit, but I manage and has lavat you that building a good konto.När it was time for the next tree, she came very real to bake now it was time for the big money if I want to be with so concerned 16000usd it was mini bet the show insurance fans and she sent me an insurance letter with return of 16000usd so I emptied my credit plus I borrowed together so I was the day after she rings it was a Friday so I got huh quandary that the money could not be right inside the bow Wednesday. me win, I could go into tradinkonto and see now, she said, and very real fans now 44600usd so I was of course happy now it has been a week all contact is broken, do not arrive on Skype tle or no response to email.

    I 71år and live mostly in Thailand do not know how to help others against internet fraud

  11. Hey Ulf, I have the same problem with Michelle Alvertis from Safe options. I invested a lot of US$ in this companie, but when I canceled my account and ordered the withdrawal of my credit all contact is broken.
    M.Alvertis doesn`t answer on Skype anymore and Safe option does not answer on any email. There is no chance to get any sign of life to ask for the withdrawal. Till they had the deposit they had time to call every hour.
    Is there no place or office in Europe where those behavior is regulated? Is there no office on UK Goverment? Because there are hundreds of binary platform in London.