OptionRally Review – Binary Options Platforms

OptionRally Review – Binary Options Reviews
OptionRally Review – Binary Options Reviews

Headquartered in Cyprus but maintaining a strong global presence, OptionRally operates under the motto “Trading on the Fast Track” and offers a dynamic, innovative environment in which interested clients can perform their online trading transactions. A good choice of assets, all the technologically advanced platform options, including an application for mobile phones, both Android and Ios, give those who choose to trade via OptionRally all the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out successful and profitable trading activities. But let us have a swift glimpse at this promising online brokerage…
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The Assets

The Asset Index on OptionRally is varied and satisfactory, although we feel that it could be further enriched. Having said that, potential investors are not left without a pretty comprehensive array of 60 asset types in 4 asset classes: commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices. Currently there are 17 different stocks, 13 currency pairs, 6 commodities and 19 different indices from all over the globe up for grabs. Not a bad selection of tradable assets for clients to be able to find what best suits their needs and meets their preferences.

The Platforms and Account options

OptionRally provides a series of powerful platforms through which trading transactions can be conducted. Take the time to browse through them in order to choose the one that best matches your level of expertise, time available and funds you wish to invest as well as the level of risk you are prepared to undertake.
The Binary Options Pro platform is the one through which the traditional call/put trading of binary options can take place. Besides this platform, OptionRally also offers an Option Builder platform, which is more interactive and versatile and allows traders to tailor make it according to their requirements. Moreover, you can trade on the One Touch Platform, which gives the chance for higher profits, but be aware of the fact that you cannot cancel One Touch options at any time after purchase, while the 10% return does not apply when one touch options expire out of the money.
The most recent addition to the OptionRally array of platforms and by far the most sophisticated one is the Binary META platform, which includes additional trading tools and facilities, such as the possibility of tracking the trading history of the client’s chosen tradable assets with the help of advanced graphics and charts. Although using the sophisticated tools on this platform definitely allows the trader to make much more informed trading decisions, we feel that this platform is most suitable for the more seasoned, experienced traders who can better comprehend the inherent complexities of online trading.
OptionRally has four different account types for potential customers to choose from, each coming with different features and bonuses, depending on the amount each trader is ready to commit. The account types are namely the Mini Trading Account, the Standard Trading Account, the Executive Trading Account and the VIP Club Account. The minimum trade amount on each trade placed through OptionRally is set to $25, with the maximum being $1,000. Registering with them is free and the minimum deposit required is $200.

Trading Tools and Customer Support

The OptionRally platforms are available in seven different languages, including Turkish, Chinese, Russian and even Vietnamese! Another impressive and every useful feature of OptionRally is the so called Pulse TV, where videos rounding up the day’s market and financial news are uploaded daily. This comes to compliment the Reuters live financial data and news feeds, which are also available to traders via OptionRally.

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Moreover, OptionRally features the “Academy” through which one can gain access to all kinds of training materials designated to guide and educate traders on how to trade successfully, including webinars and how to guides. An added bonus is the one-on-one training that is also available, which caters for the specific needs of each customer, through a more personalized touch. OptionRally assigns traders a personal Account Service Manager, who is always ready and willing to offer advice and assistance, while customer support, for all matters, trading or technical, is also accessible via telephone, email and live chat.


We are pretty confident to give an overall positive review for OptionRally as an attractive brokerage with which to conduct your online trading transactions. They come across as dependable and professional and have demonstrated serious effort to put at the disposal of their clients many tools and other helpful materials, information and guidance. Moreover, they come across as a transparent brokerage when it comes to fees and commissions since they totally guarantee that customers will never experience additional broker fees, hidden commissions or no deposit/withdrawal fees. In addition, the site is secured by Comodo, which essentially means that you are insured for up to $250,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. This is an additional feature that puts the concerned trader’s mind to rest. So, in a nutshell, OptionRally might be just the fast track highway for you to enter the fascinating world of online binary options trading!

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